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Talent recruitment

Sales Executive

    Recruitment Position:Sales Executive Release Time:05-09-2020
    Education:Educational background Work Experience:More than five years in the industry
    Age Range:32-40 Number:2
    Job Deions:

    1. Grasp the economic theories of modern enterprise management and marketing

    2. Good interpersonal and communication skills

    3. Have the ability to analyze market competition and deal with difficult problems

    4. Fully understand relevant national laws and policies

Marketing Manager

    Recruitment Position:Marketing Manager Release Time:05-09-2020
    Education:Undergraduate Work Experience:More than three years
    Age Range:Over 30 Number:2
    Job Deions:

    1. Annual marketing strategy and plan formulation: responsible for brand promotion, product positioning, channel promotion, marketing plan discussion and implementation;

    2. Formulate and supervise the implementation of market planning and budget;

    3. Understand the market dynamics, conduct market investigation, analyze according to the market changes, optimize the brand promotion strategy in time, conduct research and feedback on the market situation and competitive brand information;

    4. Analyze the current situation and trend of the market, predict and analyze the market scientifically, and make preparations for putting products and services on the market

    5. Brand planning and construction, develop marketing and academic promotion plans and programs;

    6. Exhibition information collection and planning, exhibition implementation;

    Construction and management of Internet media platforms such as websites, APP, official account numbers, etc.

    8. Assist marketing director in other brand promotion work.

Personnel Assistant

    Recruitment Position:Personnel Assistant Release Time:05-09-2020
    Education:Undergraduate Work Experience:More than one year
    Age Range:25-30 Number:3
    Job Deions:

    1. Use various recruitment channels to publish recruitment advertisements and seek for recruitment agencies;

    2. Understand the recruitment requirements of the company, and select the matching resumes according to the requirements;

    3. Telephone communication to confirm the resume information, and make an appointment with the appropriate candidates;

    4. Implement recruitment, selection, interview, selection and placement;

    5. Make full use of various recruitment channels to meet the company's talent needs;

    6. According to the leader's arrangement, complete other matters assigned by the leader of the company.

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